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Kuswag School.

"It has been an absolute pleasure to work with ECO Networks. The service and support has been prompt and outstanding and the technical staff are most competent, courteous, patient and very responsive! We hold the company in the highest regard for customer service and product quality.
Thanks again for your first rate assistance"

L A Scholtz
+27 (0) 31-9035434




Doonheights Primary School.

"ECO Networks was given the contract to supply our school with wireless Internet, and to ensure that our school's systems were brought up-to-date, and could meet the needs in an ever-increasing technological environment.

From the outset we were given exceptional service. All the "setting up" was dealt with efficiently and neatly, with minimal disruption to the normal running of a school day. Work was often conducted on weekends and after hours to ensure smooth installation.

After-sales service has been phenomenal. The ECO Networks team has virtually been at the beck and call of educators and administrative staff to answer questions, upgrade systems and offer any support that has been required.

As a "technologically-challenged" individual, I have learnt so much, have been taught to use systems I would never before have attempted, and have no hesitation in recommending the outstanding service offered by ECO Networks"

A Evert
+27 (0) 31-9032361




Lane and Associates.

"Eco-networks has tended to all our computer network installations and services for the past eight years. Their expertise by far supersedes others and the company is certainly a leader in ensuring the latest network technology in our town.  We appreciate their on-site personal professional services, and they are always happy to assist after hours via team-viewer. We purchase all our computer equipment from Eco-networks as we are assured of a quality product with full guarantees. We are proud to be associated to Eco-networks"

Carol Lane

P.O. Box 652
Office: +27 31 916 2916
Cell: +27 82 3344 293
Email: carol@c-lane.co.za
Web Site: www.c-lane.co.za



Brown McFarlane Africa (PTY) Ltd.

“Brown McFarlane Africa had the pleasure to deal with ECO Networks over the last 9 months under leadership of Sheldon Riddick. They have an excellent knowledge base that enables them to react effectively and promptly to any IT- and network-related problems we could encounter. We must say that they are the best in the industry and we say so out of experience, a definite recommendation to any size business that values excellent service delivery.”


Tommy Coleman
General Manager
Brown McFarlane Africa
Tel:       +27 (0) 35 - 797 3034
Fax:      +27 (0) 35 – 797 3685

Email: tommy.coleman@bsisteel.com
Web Site: www.brownmac.co.za



Zeuf Contractors & Engineering .

We at Zeuf Contractors & Engineering would like to commend Eco Networks in the smooth running of our installation, Sheldon and his team worked efficiently with attention to detail. Sheldon and Eco Networks office staff were very helpful with the process of taking over our domain – this can often be a disaster due to down time however this is was not the case with Eco Networks, we were up and running the same day. Service and level of professionalism is remarkable!
Zeuf Contractors & Engineering are happy to be doing business with Eco Networks!


Bronwyn Bantom
Zeuf Contractors & Engineering
Tel:       +27 (0) 31 - 461 3007
Fax:      +27 (0) 31 – 461 4705

Email: bronwyn@zeuf.co.za
Web Site: www.zeuf.co.za



ResRequest Hospitality Software Solutions.

“Jill asked me to pass on the message that you guys ROCKED and all was done top notch for our installation! We are thrilled with our new infrastructure.”

Natasha Bame
Tel:       +27 (0) 31 - 762 2729
Fax:      +27 (0) 31 – 762 2729

Email: natashab@resrequest.co.za
Web Site: www.resrequest.co.za





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