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Welcome to the home of ECONet Wireless - a division of ECO Networks - Technology Solutions.

As an IT Solutions company, we have realized a need in the industry for a Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) solution that can provide a stable and reliable alternative to fixed line type access solutions. (ADSL)

All to often, these fixed line services are unreliable and very much a "best effort" type service. This is evident by the amount of complaints logged by new client's who have continuous problems with their Internet and e-mail connectivity.

Many of the client complaints stem from the exchange's going down, and the telecom company's service agents taking days to rectify the problems. This coupled with "capping" or limiting the amount of bandwidth allowed per month are the main reasons for consumer dissatisfaction. These problems and practices are almost unheard of in first world countries.

We are aware of some other Internet Service Providers that have tried to create successful Wireless Internet Service Providers in the past, and most times, they too have unhappy client's. The important thing to note here, is that this is not as a result of the technology, but more so, due to these ISP's methods of rate limiting their clients connections, and blocking functionality of certain applications. Other techniques such a multiplexing connections simply just frustrate their customers.

We as a company have decided to NOT provide the "Cheapest" connections in town, but rather to provide our client's with the best possible hardware and solutions to ensure that you have the ultimate online experience possible. This complimented by a committed, and "trained" support team provides great results.

In line with world-wide trends, we also do not agree with "capping" clients or limiting your connection per month. ALL our connections are uncapped and unshaped.

There is nothing like the feeling of needing to do an urgent Internet funds transfer, only to experience slow performance, or a completely unusable service.

Why Choose ECONet Wireless?

. No contract, no catch!- You can cancel easily at the end of any month.

.Uncapped and unshaped access - We do not rate limit our connections!

.No physical land line required - No more downtime!

.No waiting for lines to be installed

.Unlimited access, on 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

.Supports multiple pc’s on same connection

.Lowest contention ratio -What’s a contention ratio? click "view pricing" below to learn more.

.Easily replaces existing connectivity

.Personal and professional technical assistance


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Don't Like Wireless?

Wireless Technology has had a negative stigma attached to it for a while. This is mainly due to consumers either being misinformed about the technology, or the "technicians" installing the service are not skilled enough to know how to configure the services correctly.


For some real world information and facts on wireless technology that will hopefully change your mind, click below.




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