Off-Site Backup Solutions

What if your offices burnt down?

Companies focus a lot of attention and investment on creating a reliable backup strategy to ensure they meet the requirements of their disaster recovery plans.

A key element in any disaster recovery plan should be for the provision of an off-site backup solution. Whether this comes in the form of removing one of your external hard drives or backup tapes from the office once a week (or more), this forms a fundamental process that cannot be taken lightly.



In our opinion, whilst the solutions mentioned above are effective, they do have pitfalls. Hard drive's do not like to be moved around, and backup tapes are susceptible to all forms of damage through magnetism, heat and humidity.

It is for this reason that ECO Networks chooses to rely on an online backup medium for off-site backup. The data is then housed in a high security controlled environment, and is verified for accuracy.

Entrust us today to secure your company data, and we will ensure that you will have the best possible off-site backup solution, hosted on our servers and providing you with peace of mind.


We are hard at work taking care of many companies most critical data!

Business Continuity

ECO Networks ensures business continuity by employing an offsite backup solution that caters for security, reliability and data verification.

These are simply services that businesses cannot afford to be without


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