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.LAN + WAN Networking Design, Implementation and Support

.CCTV and IP Security Camera Solutions  

.Server and Blade Solutions

.Alternative Power and Power Protection Management Solutions

.Storage Solutions, including iSCSI and Fibre Channel SAN’s

.VPN Solutions

.VOIP Solutions

.Server and Workstation Virtualization

.Wireless, Copper and Fiber Optic Cable Installations

.Desktop and Laptop Sales

.Software Licensing and Sales

.Peripheral Sales


Service Level Agreements (SLA)

A service level agreement (frequently abbreviated as SLA) is a document where the level of service is formally defined. In practice, the term SLA is sometimes used to refer to the contracted delivery time (of the service) or performance thereof.

In today's fast paced workplace, businesses do not have the time or capacity to worry about the technical aspects of their IT infrastructure. This time is better spent on focusing on your core business. This is where an IT Service Level Agreement can be of great assistance to you.

ECO Networks has been providing Service Level Agreements to our client's for over 15 years. These agreements not only ensure that your systems are maintained, but further cater for things that are very often overlooked when everything is running smoothly. Some of these things could include update and patch management, backup monitoring, server monitoring and performance monitoring. These items are all essential parts of ensuring a reliable and scalable IT infrastructure.

ECO Networks provides set hourly service agreements (as listed below) or we can tailor make an agreement to suit your individual needs.

For a no obligation consultation to discuss your requirements, kindly complete the form located on our contact page. One of our consultants will then contact you back and make arrangements to come see you.

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Technical Services & SLA Rates

-= No SLA Agreement=-

 R395/hr initial Call out  (1hr)

Limited Telephonic Support
No Remote Support
24hr Call-to-Fix time
Standard Hardware Pricing


-= BASIC =-


4X Hours Support incl. callouts
1X Hour proactive support
Basic telephonic support
Remote support included
8hr Call-to-Fix time
3% discount on hardware



6X Hours Support incl. callouts
2 hours proactive support
Advanced telephonic support
Remote support included
8hr Call-to-Fix time
5% Discount on hardware



8X Hours Support incl. callouts
4 hours proactive support
Premium telephonic support
4hr Call-to-Fix time
Online account manager
Online server monitoring and backup management
Remote support included
10% Discount on hardware




Unlimited Support hours incl. callouts (50 PC Limit)
Unlimited proactive support
Premium telephonic support
4hr Call-to-Fix time
Online account manager
Online server monitoring and backup management
Automatic updates
Remote support included
Full reporting on callouts history
Inventory management
Anti-Virus Management
10% Discount on Hardware

All agreements which cover more than 50 PC's are tailor made to suit each clients needs. Please contact us for more information.

-= Extra Info =-


Weekends + Public holidays

.Saturday’s – Time and a Half Sundays + Holidays – Double time
.Contract clients receive support at the following rates beyond contracted hours:
R350/hr (Office Hours) .

Standard weekend rates apply.

.Travel beyond a 10km radius will be charged at R3.00 p/km.

.Telephonic support will be charged at standard labour rates, and billed against agreement.
.Hours are not accumulated.

.All prices exclude VAT.




. Remote or On-Site Support

.Desktop and Notebook Computer Repair

.Server Administration 

.Network Administration

.Off Site Backup Services

.Data Recovery

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