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Software Piracy.

Software piracy refers to the unauthorized duplication and use of computer software.

Software developers work hard to develop solid software programs. If those applications are pirated and stolen, the software developers will often be unable to generate the revenue required to continue supporting and expanding those applications.

The effects of software piracy impact the entire global economy. The reduced revenues often divert funding from product development, and result in less research and less investment in marketing. In 2007, economists indicated that software piracy cost the industry $39.6 billion.

Whether software piracy is deliberate or not, it is still illegal and punishable by law!

ECO Networks partners with many of the leading software vendors and we have years of experience in supplying software solutions, speak to us today and we will assist you in getting you legit!


Software Licensing Audit

Should you require any advice or assistance in getting your software legal? ECO Networks provides an auditing service that will outline exactly what software is installed across your enterprise, and what is legal or not.

Do not hesitate to give us a call. We will provide you will all the information you require to make an informed decision and to get your licensing in order.

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Microsoft has a very informative web page that has a lot of good information regarding the legality of their products.

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