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Understanding wireless

Over the years we have come across many customers who have been misinformed about wireless technologies. More often than not, this is due to the advice given to them from "technicians" who truly do not understand the technology themselves.

ECO Networks has installed many wireless solutions over the years. These installations have included anything from small home based applications to large municipal inter-office point-to-point links.

Most of the confusion from consumers around wireless technology stems from not understanding the different solutions, the security requirements and what solution best suits their needs.


Is wireless slower than cable?

Many people have also been lead to believe that wireless is not as fast as a cabled network. Whilst in the early days of wireless technology this may have had some merit, in today's world this is totally unfounded. Since the new wireless standards introduced by 802.11n (see video clip) have been ratified, including MIMO (Multiple Input, Multiple Output) technology, the wireless arena has evolved into a far superior solution than in earlier times. Look out for the logo below when purchasing wireless equipment. This ensures that it is certified for 802.11n




What about security?

Security has always been a concern with wireless, and by no means should this be overlooked. Whether you are on a cabled, or wireless connection, hackers will always be there trying to exploit systems. We have too often seen installations done by "technicians" that leave the doors open to would be hackers. The problem is very often in how the configuration is done, and what security measures are put in place to prevent access to your network. If done correctly, using strong encryption standards and access control lists, wireless can be a very secure solution

ECO Networks has years of experience in all things wireless. We specialize in Wireless Local Area Network's (WLAN), Point-to-Point links (P2P), Wireless hotspots (Guesthouses and Hotels) and Wireless Mesh installations.

Solutions Offered

  • WLAN- Local Wireless

Wireless LAN's (WLAN) are typically installed at a home or business premises. This facilitates the connection of computers, laptops, PDA's and other wireless appliances. Typically, this is installed indoors with a low gain antenna.

  • P2P - Point to Point Wireless

Point-to-Point (P2P) wireless networks are typically installed in order to link two buildings networks across a campus. This link would create a backbone to link the networks in each building to each other. These are typically installed with wireless routers and high gain antenna's.

  • WISP - Wireless Broadband

Simply put, wireless broadband is a similar service to ADSL, without the need for telephone lines and cabled infrastructure between you and the service provider. You will receive the same "always on" type of service, and in most cases a much faster and more reliable service than conventional cabled solutions. These installation are similar to Point-to-Point links where you are connecting your home or office with a router and high gain antenna to one of our base stations.


  • Wireless Brands Used

    • We at ECO Networks know how frustrating it can be when your Internet and e-mail goes down. It is times like these when we realize just how dependant we have become on technology. From Internet banking to shopping online for that new ipod, we simply cannot be cut off from the rest of the world.


  • It is for this reason that we have decided not to sell lower grade and "cheaper" wireless equipment to our customers. We are aware of other providers that are using this more cost effective equipment, but have got many, many unhappy customers. We believe that you as the client deserve a reliable, robust and scalable solution. Below are some of the brands used for our wireless installations. These product manufacturers are all leaders in the wireless arena.


  • poynting
  • mikrotik






Why go wireless?

. No contract, no catch!- You can cancel easily at the end of any month.

.Uncapped and unshaped access - We do not rate limit our connections!

.No physical land line required - No more downtime!

.No waiting for lines to be installed

.Unlimited access, on 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

.Supports multiple pc’s on same connection

.Lowest contention ratio -What’s a contention ratio? click "view pricing" below to learn more.

.Easily replaces existing connectivity

.Personal and professional technical assistance


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What's the benefit of 802.11n?

Below is a video with a good demonstration of the advantages of using equipment that supports the new 802.11n wireless standard


Projects and Installations
To see some photos of network installations completed in the past, click below.

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